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Water centipede

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Water centipede
A recent drawing of a water centipede.
Homeworld Nummorro
Also found in --
Average height Up to 4'00" long
Average weight Up to 15 lbs.
Average lifespan Unknown
Alternate names None

The water centipede is a variety of Nummorrian centipede found in oceans and other bodies of water all across the planet Nummorro. Many species exist, ranging from tiny freshwater centipedes barely measuring a few inches in length to much larger oceanic species.

Water centipedes tend to be very dark in color, ranging from dark greenish-blues and muddy browns all the way to almost pure black. Their bodies are very long and thin, with many flattened legs along both sides that they use to swim. Unlike other Nummorrian centipedes, almost every species of water centipede is docile and harmless. They feed only on very tiny aquatic plants and animals, and because they have weak jaws and no venom they are forced to rely on their swimming speed and ability to squeeze into small spaces to escape from predators.


  • Water centipedes were based on a creature I saw in a dream once--a long, skinny, dark-colored centipede swimming along in the creek near my house.
  • Because they are pretty much harmless, water centipedes are the only species of Nummorrian centipede that is unlikely to ever show up as a randomly-encountered enemy in any of my games.
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